Color trends Fall/Winter 2014-2015

January 12, 2015

By Patricia Champagne, Designer, Patlin Textiles

Discover the top colors for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. To no one’s great surprise, the trends capture the mood of the season while building on colors that are still full of possibilities even though they have been fashionable for a while.


Fall evokes the return to a neutral and sober palette where grey and taupe are too essential to be overlooked when designing interiors. Black also remains a classic, indispensable color this season.

Purple persists

Purple still features prominently! The color "Radiant Orchid" is THE color of 2014 according to the Pantone guide. A vibrant color that you can have fun modernizing.

Blue in all its hues

Blue remains trendy this season, especially royal blue and cobalt blue. For the utmost classic look, navy blue is still a solid favorite.

Warm colors

Liven up neutral colors with warm tones in their more autumnal, understated versions, such as a slightly orange red, mustard yellow or gold.

Nature green

Green is still very trendy. That’s great news, as we cannot get enough of that color, especially this season’s favored tones of moss green and khaki green.

Golden yellow

Golden yellow is already a trend for cosmetics, and is becoming fashionable everywhere. We love its bling, and we will include it in our interiors without hesitation! This color will add a bit of sunshine to the darker days of the coming season.


If we were to pick one single color that fits perfectly with the autumnal ambiance, it would be burgundy. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the trends this season. It is sure to please everyone who is looking for a color that is pronounced without being too vivid.


Pastels are still in, particularly lilac and powdered pink, two soft colors that will delight any romantic at heart. When looking for a more masculine color, soft blue is the pastel of choice.

radiant orchid 36e5d
Radiant Orchid
18-3224 TPX
sangria dba20
19-2047 TPX
bright cobalt 969d3
Bright Cobalt
19-4037 TPX
cypress 6ed50
18-0322 TPX
royal blue c0d1e
Royal Blue
19-3955 TPX
aurora red 1ed19
Aurora Red
18-1550 TPX
aluminium 8c70d
16-1107 TPX
mauve mist 14c4d
Mauve Mist
15-3207 TPX
cognac 87ed1
18-1421 TPX
misted yellow 843c2
Misted Yellow
14-0837 TPX

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