Spring-Summer 2015 trends

April 14, 2015

By Patricia Champagne, Designer, Textiles Patlin

The recycling! The principle of recycling is more and more present and is now part of our daily lives. This trend is also felt in the decorations by the arrangement of old items, antique or recycled with modern accents and accessories.

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This season there is a movement towards the side colder and more flexible of the spectrum of colors. There is an eclectic mix of light and bright pale pastels with colors of nature. Shades recalling memories from retro, or the magical world of the tropical landscapes provide a sense of well-being while we head for the warmer months.

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Many feel compelled to be connected 24 hours a day because they are afraid to miss something important. There is a growing movement to create 'quiet zones' to disconnect technology and relax, giving us a time to stop to get rest in tranquility. The colors of the season follow the minimalist theme of the outdoors, inspired by nature. The soft colours mingle with subtle tones to create a soothing escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

When we work a collection or a décor, the first thing to think about is how to use the color and how the client will use it in its decor. The colors of the season are important to create a wind of freshness, novelty. But it is also important to use neutrals that age well in the years to come. Since customers invest lots of money in their décor, we love the basics of neutral or chic with a 'POP' of colors they can change from season to season. The neutrals of predilection are off-white, very soft neutral grey and black. Do not hesitate to mix textures; rough finishes contrast well with the sateen or velvet. There is no more rules!


PANTONE announced the "Marsala" color as the color of the year 2015, it is not surprising to see it in the trend colors of the season. Keep an eye on this shade! You will see it appear over the months in the accessories and even wedding trends. This hue combines perfectly with sand, neutral grey and is mostly very vibrant combine with bluish pastels.


marsala bouquetneptune-vase

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