Custom Bed Coverings for Hotels

Your beds should not only encourage relaxation, but also reflect the visual identity of your establishment!

Patlin: An Expertise in Bed Coverings Recognized Throughout Canada!

In business since 33 years, our company has established itself as a Canadian leader in the manufacture of bed coverings for the hospitality sector.

Today, with over 36,000 custom-made bed coverings to our credit, we continue to give our best to maintain this reputation, which has led us to collaborate with hotel chains worldwide.

Add Style to Your Rooms with Our Customizable Bed Covering Products

As soon as a guest enters a hotel room, their attention is typically drawn to the bed where they will spend the night. Therefore, the visual and tactile experience provided by the bed covering is crucial in the very first impression your establishment will make.

To ensure your bed coverings achieve the positive effect you’re looking for, Textiles Patlin offers to tailor them to your every need:

Custom Bedspreads

Adding both warmth and a touch of style to a room, the bedspread is undeniably an elegant choice. It's a classic that adapts to current trends and, due to its length, eliminates the need for a bed skirt. Not to mention that it easily covers a less aesthetic bed base. With custom-made bedspreads, it is possible to obtain more or less thick padding, according to your needs.

Custom Duvet Covers

The duvet cover (sometimes called a comforter cover) is designed to encase a duvet, protecting it from dirt, stains, and wear. Typically equipped with a zipper or buttons for closure, and very easy to maintain, it can effortlessly elevate your decor. Whether it's to provide a more voluminous or fluffy appearance to your bed or to add a splash of color to your room, the custom duvet cover adapts to your desires.

Custom Bed Skirts

The bed skirt (sometimes called a dust ruffle or valance) covers the base of the bed, including the box spring and the space underneath the mattress. It provides a neater, more polished appearance to the bedding and the room.

Custom Pillow Covers

The pillow cover (sometimes called a pillow sham) is a protective cover placed over a pillow. However, it also serves an aesthetic function that should not be overlooked!

Custom Bed Throws

Elegantly placed on a bed, a bed throw adds a touch of distinction and luxury.

A Wide Variety of Fabrics to Create Your Custom Bed Coverings

Our ability to create bed coverings that perfectly reflect the identity of your establishment is due to our privileged access to an infinite number of high-quality textiles.

. Our import-specialized team travels the world to find textiles with various textures, colors, and patterns, perfectly suited for making bed coverings.

We certainly have the material to satisfy your needs!

Easy-to-clean fabrics designed to last

Our inventory includes a variety of textiles that possess the qualities sought after in the hotel and institutional sectors.

You can count on us to create bedspreads, covers, and other bed covering items that are easy to maintain and whose appearance will not deteriorate over time, even after multiple washes.

We can print your dream fabric!

Do you have a unique visual signature that you want to highlight with your new bed coverings?

In that case, we can use digital fabric printing to create a textile that perfectly aligns with your brand image.

With this technology, bedding items become a canvas on which you can display your colors.

We thrive on challenges!

No matter the scale of your bed covering project, our experienced team will accompany you throughout its realization.

You can entrust us with the mandate to dress 10, 50, or even 100 beds! We will meet your expectations.

Whether you need our services for renovations or setting up a new establishment, we take care of everything to ensure that your schedule and budget are respected:










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