Custom Draperies and Curtains for Hotels

Because your window treatments should not only filter light, they should express your personality!

Textiles Patlin: Recognized Window Covering Expertise Across Canada

For 33 years, we’ve maintained a reputation for excellence among our most demanding commercial clients, especially those in the hospitality sector.

Of course, this reputation isn’t a coincidence! We’ve built it thread by thread, giving our best day in and day out, and delivering the expected results for each project.

Today, with over 50,000 custom window coverings crafted, we continue to work tirelessly to uphold this reputation, which has led us to collaborate with globally renowned partners.

Don’t Settle for Half-Measures, Choose Made-to-measure

Draperies and curtains are among the first visual elements that guests notice when entering a hotel establishment. They play a significant role in creating the initial impression and overall atmosphere.

With this in mind, custom-made drapes and curtains have become essential when designing hotel room decors and even common spaces (lobby, reception hall, dining room, etc.).

At Textiles Patlin, our team of talented craftsmen is dedicated to creating made-to-measure window treatments that reflect the uniqueness of your establishment.

Custom Curtains Drapes

Unleash your imagination!

We can create your custom drapes from hundreds of top-quality textiles, either imported or crafted in our own factory using digital fabric printing.

Custom Sheers

Master the light!

With our custom sheers, it's easy to control the amount of light entering through your windows. When combined with curtains, they offer a perfect balance between brightness and privacy.

A Vast Selection of Fabrics to Craft Your Custom Hotel Draperies and Curtains

Our ability to create window treatments that truly reflect your establishment’s personality is thanks, in part, to our extensive selection of textiles.

As fabric importers, we spare no effort in traveling the world in search of unique fabrics with colors, patterns, and textures that are one-of-a-kind.

Create a fabric to match your image

Can’t find the perfect fabric for your window treatments on the market? Did you know that we can create it for you?

We are among the few textile distributors who own and master digital fabric printing technologies, allowing us to create custom fabrics.

Level of Customization Beyond Appearance

Do you want your new curtains or draperies to possess specific features?

  • Complete light blocking (blackout curtain);
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Fire resistance;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Motorization;
  • Remote control;
  • Child-safe;

We can offer you solutions as effective as they are aesthetically pleasing, regardless of the properties you are looking for.

A Customized Approach that Facilitates Large-Scale Projects

Regardless of the nature or scope of your project, our experienced team will guide you through every step along the way.

Whether you require custom draperies for a renovation or a new establishment, we’ll take care of everything to ensure your schedule and budget are met:











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